One does not simply go outside when there simply is no outside! You don’t know all of the details, but from what you have gathered: A PINK AURA saved your life (and room) by TELEPORTING you away and keeping you safe on 8/27/96 (13 days after you were born) from a METEOR that not only destroyed your HOUSE, but also killed your FATHER, and presumably, many others in the neighborhood. The only thing left of your house is this balcony and your room. You NEVER told ANYONE this whole event besides your BEST FRIEND, TERRA. That PINK AURA that saved you still protects you to this day; it basically raised you. Although you like the aura, the whole “SPACEY THING” simply will not do. It really kinda creeps you out, especially since there is always a giant SPACE QUAKE occurring outside of your Protective aura. that is the REAL reason why you put up the backdrop on your window. You don’t really know where this place is, or even what it’s called, but you want off! And if everything that Terra has told you is true, then this GAME that your friends are about to play is the perfect opportunity to destroy this worthless flaming prison and release your spirit!


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